Standardization and Facilities


SIRREON OLIVE FARMS, in addition to the excellent quality olive oil it has been producing for thirty years, simultaneously implemented an integrated production, storage and packaging plan for its olive growing products. It has a privately-owned space of 40 sq.m in Haropos, Serres, where it resides permanently, fully equipped including the main production unit, it has storage tanks and technologically advanced machinery for labeling, bottling and standardizing olive oil.
So we created a branded, competitive product, a product that stands out for its elegance and maintains its quality unchanged until it reaches the hands of the consumer, at the same time providing our customers with high standard services with a main emphasis on innovation and highlighting its special characteristics of Serraiko Olive Oil.
Our olive oil is available for consumption in two categories, Organic and Extra Virgin, in tinplate containers and in dark glass packaging, in accordance with the current regulation for marketing standards for olive oil in dark labeled bottles with a closure system so that the contents do not may spoil without opening the bottle. The category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available in pet plastic packaging, which was made mainly for commercial reasons to make this treasure of nature accessible to the daily life of the housewife in a packaging, however, equally dark.
The inspiration for the creation of our products comes from the goods that nature generously offers us. The zeal and passion that our family has for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil lead SIRREON OLIVE FARMS to create two new products based on our low acidity olive oil. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle aroma and the Spatholado (Hypericus Oil) were created with the aim of meeting the needs of the consumer as well as the modern market which is constantly changing.
With the same appetite and respect, SIRREON OLIVE FARMS, expanding its range of products, started the packaging and standardization of edible olives in the Kalamon, Green and Raisin Halkidiki categories. Olives are the ultimate "superfood" and are considered an integral part of Greek cuisine and healthy eating. Excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids that help the heart function well and vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.


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