Our story


The region of Serres, since ancient times, has been a focal point of economic and strategic orientations of great importance. The rich and highly productive and profitable plain and the passability of its mountains have highlighted for centuries the quality of the production it offers.
The city has been known since ancient times by various names very close to the current one, proving that its name has been passed down to the present day with relatively little corruption.
The oldest epigraphic monument that preserves the writing "Sirraion polis" is from the Roman era and is located in the Archaeological Museum of Serres.
The Grigoriadis family is closely linked to tradition, as well as to the production of olive oil from grandfather to grandfather. She has been growing olives for over two generations and it is a process that plays a leading role in her life throughout the year. Depending on the season, the corresponding work is carried out, from the pruning of the olive tree to its harvesting, with hard work she makes sure to offer the best possible to result in an excellent quality olive oil of her own production.The family's zeal and passion for the production of SIRREON Olive Oil stems from the love it has for the heritage of its ancestors, the tradition and of course the place that hosts their production in its bowels!
The Grigoriadis olive groves consist of privately owned organic olive groves of 35 acres, dating back to 1980 and on their estates there are olive trees over 40 years old.
In a small mountain village, in Haropos Serres, which is located in the northeastern part of Serres Prefecture and is built on the south side of Mount Lailia and west of Mount Menoiki, the planting of our olive trees began for the first time with respect and love for materials generously provided by nature and the Serrai Land.
With a dry and healthy climate, which is well known to have been a place of pilgrimage, hospitality and convalescence for people with lung problems in the past, we wanted to start our Vision…
A blessed place suitable to host the organic olive groves of SIRREON OLIVE FARMS!


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