SIRREON as a choice…

It is an olive oil unique in aroma and taste that rightly claims a place on our daily table. During the production of...

The first branded olive oil of Serres!

It is a product of the highest nutritional value, the first branded olive oil of Serres, of certified origin from the finest varieties...

With an acidity that does not exceed 0.3%

The jewel of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil is an integral part of our daily life. It contains substances linked to a number of...

Pure and natural Olive Oil

With an intensely fruity taste and aroma of freshly picked olive fruit, produced to the highest standards, SIRREON Olive Oil is a one-way...


Our story

The planting of our olive trees began for the first time with respect and love for the tradition and the goods that the Serreki Land offers us.
Transition of part of our cultivation from conventional to organic cultivation of olive trees for the production of Organic Olive Oil of certified origin.
Implementation of an integrated plan for the production, storage and packaging of olive products, fully equipped with technologically advanced olive oil bottling and standardization machinery.
SIRREON OLIVE FARMS expands its product range with the packaging of edible olives in the Kalamon, Green and Raisin Halkidiki categories.
We have created two new products based on our low acidity olive oil, Black Truffle Flavored Olive Oil and Spatholado (Hypericum Oil).
ELEONOR: The evolution of Spatholados with two new stylish packages which were created to meet the needs of the consumer and the modern market which is constantly changing!


Olive Groves

With prominent organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics thanks to the fertile climate of the area!


In a fully equipped space, SIRREON olive oil is created with high standards

A journey starting from Serres and reaches everywhere!

What makes a Mediterranean recipe authentic? Pure Olive Oil! What here and...

The quality of SIRREON is the key to its success...

Greeks hold the first place in the world in the consumption of olive oil and we are doing well, since...

Eat olives, they help lose weight!

Eating olives as part of a balanced diet is an ally in...

Take care of your heart!

There are many tasty temptations. The difficult thing is to combine the…

With Black Truffle aroma...

The culinary and nutritional value of the black truffle make it sought after all over the world...

A miraculous red oil!

Spatholado, the famous balm of the ancient Spartans with which they treated the…


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